We Help Help You Find The Right Marketing Agency To Work With!

Finding the Right Marketing Agency is hard. That’s why we do the research for you.

Little Worlds is New Zealand’s only research company dedicated to reviewing marketing agencies. We independently review each one individually to understand what they’re good at and what they’re not; what each marketing agency can do for your business. Then we release this information to you for free so you can use it to see which company best suits your needs.


Little Worlds help you in four easy steps:


  1. Review every marketing agency in New Zealand along the same criteria.
  2. Summaries the results so you can see at a glance if that organisation is right for you.
  3. Make it easy for you to filter and search through results to find the right organisation for you.
  4. Provide the resources, templates, and tools for you to run an effective EOI/RFP process and select the right organisation for you.

Why you should run an RFP process

  1. Speaking with multiple companies allows you to make the right decision, try before you buy, and compare prices of similar options.
  2. Take ideas from multiple companies
  3. Find the agency best for you specific needs.

How Little Worlds Started

Little Worlds started when we went looking for a marketing agency to work with ourselves. We found the three sources of finding marketing agencies were broken:

  1. Google only showed you the companies that paid the most money on ads or the older more established brands. And particularly in the digital marketing space we wanted to see some of the newer kids on the block as they might have some new and fresh ideas.
  2. NZ Govt Registered Tender List. The NZ Government has a large list, but when we contacted many of the companies we found they were no longer offering many of the services (out of date) OR when we did speak to them we found them charging ridiculous prices for basic things. What we learnt was many companies that worked with Govt departments had to pay people who’s sole job was to fill out the massive amounts of paperwork the government required. And they somehow needed to recoup that cost – hence they on charged it to all clients.
  3. Friends and colleagues was too hit and miss depending on which friend we asked. And often we were simply getting the same recommendations because people know people of similar backgrounds.

Thus we needed a way to get independent and objective advice on which marketing company was the right to work with. Little Worlds evolved out of that process and we have since evolved to evaluate the best marketing agencies in New Zealand for both small SME’s and large corporate organisations – and everything in between.